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A little bit about me.

I’m an entrepreneur, small business owner, artist, athlete, traveler, mental health advocate. I

wear a lot of hats and work hard to live a life I’m proud of. I started tatooing in 2012, I was a

contestant on Ink Masters season 6 in 2015 and I opened my own private studio in 2020 called Common Place. 2020 is also when I started painting again and now, I am creating custom oil paintings.

I have been a sponsored athlete with 1st Phorm since 2014 and at that time I was competing in bodybuilding. Now fitness looks a little different for me and is mostly catered towards functional fitness that allows me to hike and adventure along with compete in shooting competitions. I struggle with multiple autoimmune diseases and health issues so sharing my journey and trying to shed light on invisible illnesses and living fully despite of them has become super important to me.

I am on the board of a Non-Profit called War Party Ranch. War Party Ranch was created to be a solution for women who come from abusive or trafficked pasts by providing them skill sets in the horsemanship and stockman-ship industries. This holds a special place in my heart as I come from an abusive past. I was in abusive situations from birth to 25 and I know first-hand how easy it is to fall into those abusive cycles and how hard it is to get out. The number one thing that helps break that recidivism is being independent enough to support yourself and not have to rely on another person.

I also recently started hosting group travel trips all around the world. I started solo traveling

around 2017 and I wanted to start sharing that with others who maybe don’t feel confident

alone or honestly just like sharing those experiences with people, even if they are strangers.

These trips have honesty been incredible and to see the relationships and bonds that have been formed is truly special. The world is a big and I want to get a good look before it gets dark, and I love that I’m able to bring people with me now.

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