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Marisa LaRen Website-10.png

1st Phorm

Elite Athlete Marisa Laren: ABOUT MARISA. I am multi-faceted. I am an artist, I play the piano, I'm a country girl, a competitive shooter, an athlete ... I am more than just one thing.

Marisa LaRen Website-10.png

VoyageSTL Magazine

Checkout Marisa LaRen's story:

Apr 15, 2022 — January 2012, I started tattooing for free on friends and willing volunteers. After only a couple of years of tattooing professionally and still ...

Marisa LaRen Website-10.png

Marisa Laren The Unarmed Podcast

Krystal is joined by 1st Phorm Elite Athlete, Tattoo Artist and Contestant on Season 6 of Ink Master's, Marisa Laren. Marisa is a prime example of a woman ...

Marisa LaRen Website-10.png


Marisa LaRen - More than just a tattoo artist; Marisa's also a star fitness fanatic who ranked third in the 2014 Colorado State's Fitness Competition.

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